3rd Ear Experience new track, ‘A Faery Folk Tale’ out now


This little ditty was originally a demo worked up for the Love Album. But the performance and sound of the demo came out so fine, we’d hate to try emulate it. The depth of sound achieved by the tight layering of various synth guitars, baritone and bass guitars playing the same line or parts of it are pretty cool. Kinda like splitting the low strings of a piano and playing each on different ranged instruments. Anyhow experimentation is the spice of life if you ask me – always another road to look down, and many pleasant surprises. – so here ya go – enjoy.

Released August 6, 2021
Robbi – Guitar, Guitar synth, Baritone Guitar, Bass guitar
Amritakripa – Synths, Faery Voices
Arrangement – Mark Fuller
Mixed by Eric Ryan
Artwork by Amritakripa

Recorded at Star lane Studios, Joshua Tree

Check it out HERE