Kyuss World
Biggest FB community for all things Desert/Stoner Rock

Josh Homme’s the Sweet Stuff Foundation
The Sweet Stuff Foundation was founded in 2013 to give assistance to career musicians, re-cording engineers and their families struggling with illness and disability.

Stoned and Dusted
Melting faces once a year

Rocking in the Desert
Pappy and Harriets
Hood Bar and Pizza
Red Barn Bar
Gadis Bar and Grill
Desert Fox Bar
The Big Rock Pub

Making records in the Desert
Gatos Trail
Rancho De La Luna
Scott Reeder’s The Sanctuary [contact Scott Reeder through FB for info]

Joshua Tree National Park
For your needs visiting the Joshua Tree National Park

Voice of the Valley
Coachella Valley Weekly

The Promised Land
Coachella Valley on Wikipedia