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About the creative process on “Murder Klipp”, Tony Reed (vocals, bass and synths) from MOS GENERATOR explains: “I’m not sure where the title Murder Klipp came from. The spelling of “Klipp” came from an amp that Laney made in the early 70s and other than that, it has no apparent meaning. The music came from a three-day jam binge that we did in November 2019. I’ve taken many of those freeform jams and done some creative editing in the studio to give them the feel of having proper song structures. This is evident on Murder Klipp in the middle section where it completely changes. Upon inspection, the lyrics appear to be about rising above the negative things you are born into or attitudes you inherit just by living in this world. It’s a struggle song, but with an overall positive view.”

Guitarist Bob Balch from FU MANCHU adds: “Murder Klipp started with two riffs provided by Gary Arce. He played those for us on day two of our three-day session. Early in the morning. It’s a strange timing which I like, but I had to take notes. Too early for me to get my head around it. Bill Stinson laid down a rad beat that I still can’t get my head around. It was easy for him too which blows my mind. Gary plays in open tunings so I have no idea what he’s playing. It’s fun for me to throw my knowledge out the window and play by ear. It makes me come up with stuff I usually wouldn’t think of. Just trying to complement his parts. We had the verse and chorus, then Tony Reed took the parts home and added a bridge, keys and vocals. I added the solo from home after that. Like 10 months after, actually! Crazy. Tony also did a killer job mixing and mastering it.”

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