MARIO LALLI & THE RUBBER SNAKE CHARMERS ‘Folklore From The Other Desert Cities’ preorders


New super-band featuring desert rock legends Mario Lalli, Brant Bjork, Sean Wheeler and Ryan Güt!!!
The first release from this band of pioneering Desert rock musicians captures the band and its purest form exercising the desert born ethic and approach of rock improvisation, psychedelic and flowing, heavy and explorative.
The foundation of Mario Lalli’s grooving heavy bass lines and meditative themes with a intuitive guitar work with Brant Bjork and percussion of Ryan Güt set the scene for Sean Wheeler’s poems and songs capturing the dark and beautiful stories and images of life in the Mojave desert of Southern California.
This is a representation of desert rock in its purest form. A very special live performance in Gold Coast Australia.

Releases March 29, 2024

Recorded by Guy Cooper at Serotonin Productions Studios at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse, Gold Coast Australia with help from Christian Tryhorn at Beats Cartel.
Mixed and Mastered by Mathias Schneeberger at Donner & Blitzen Studios Crestline CA.
Back cover photo by Phil the Hook.
Front cover photos by Brandise Danesewich, Ryan Güt, Mario Lalli.

Mario Lalli – bass and vocal, Sean Wheeler– vocals and poetry, Brant Bjork– Guitar, Ryan Güt – Drums, Mathias Schneeberger– keyboards.


Creosote Breeze
Swamp Cooler Reality
Other Desert Cities
The Devil Waits For Me

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