Sean Wheeler Discography

Main Bands

Back Down/We All Fall Down 7″ (1993, Hellnote Records)
Unholy Roller (2005, Acetate Records)
Professional Sinners (2011, Ratchet Blade Records)

The Starvations / Throw Rag (Split – 1998)
Tee Tot (1999, Hellnote Records)
Desert Shores (2003, Better Youth Organization)
Supersuckers / Throw Rag ‎– Team Man & Stink (‎2003, Bug Mid-Fi Recordings)
Dexter Romweber Duo / Throw Rag Split EP (2004, Demon Beach Records)
13 ft. and Rising (2005, Better Youth Organization)
2nd Place (2008, Acetate Records)

Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss / Pascal Briggs & The Stokers SPLIT (2011, Black Cat Records)
Walk Thee Invisible (2011, Desert Gold Records)
Live Hicksville Trailer Palace (2012, Self-released)
Punk Rock Saved My Life / Muddy Roots Bound 7(2013, Muddy Roots Music)
Other Desert Cities (2014, Desert Gold Records)
Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss / Reverend Beat-Man ‎– Gospel Parade SPLIT (2016, Voodoo Rhythm Records)

Sean Wheeler
Sand in My Blood (2017, Little Village Foundation)

Appears on

Brant BJORK and The Bros
Somera Sól (2007, Duna Records)
Europe ’16 LIVE (2017, Napalm Records)

Hot Beat Pussy Fiend
Hot Beat Pussy Fiend (2007, Self Released)

Dali’s Llama
Full On Dunes (2008, Dali’s Llama Records)

Various Artists
Sell Your Soul… To The Cat (2010, Black Cat Records)
– Sun Trash/Dead Batteries (FIRST SONG ON THE ALBUM)

Sun Trash
Sun Trash (2014, Royal Rats Records)

Lightnin’ Woodcock
Sex Magic Motherfucker CDS (2013, Suicide King Records)

You Know Who
You Know Who (2015, Self Destructo)

Fatso Jetson
Idle Hands (2016, Heavy Psych Sounds)

The Mutants
Your Desert My Mind (2016, Killer Tracks)

Shared Hallucinations, Pt. 1: Sonic Salutations From the Venerable Vaults of Rancho De La Luna 1972-1984 (Dine Alone Music, 2017)

David HILLYARD and The Rocksteady 7
The Giver (2018, ORG Music)

Mankind Woman (2018, Heavy Psych Sounds)

He Who Cannot Be Named
The Good The Bad And The Brutal (2018, Music Cannot Be Named)

Betting On Forgetting (2018, Ruined Vibes)