All Souls and Fatso Jetson recording live for virtual concert


Great (fantastic) news from the Family that plays together

A message from the All Souls:


We are getting antsy.
Not playing shows is a drag.

We decided to put together a virtual concert which we will be filming this weekend.
2 bands: All Souls and Fatso Jetson recording live at Total Annihilation Studios in Los Angeles with rad projections. We’re doing it right with a 3 camera crew and will edit it down with the recording soon after to be streamed on Veeps. More info as soon as we have a release date on that.

And then there is the Jam in the Van/Orange Amplifier’s sponsored show with Earthless on April 20!

We’re doing stuff!

Also, we have a new guitarist – Matt Price who also plays in Behold! the Monolith. He shreds and is a great addition to the band. We are busy writing new material for the next album which we plan to record soon.

thanks for your support. we dig folks that value good music.