CHÉ ‘Sounds Of Liberation’ Remastered Reissue


“It was late 1999. I was living in Palm Desert with Dave Dinsmore. Dave had just left Unida and Alfredo Hernandez was in town and had just left Queens of the Stone Age. I had a rare bit of downtime from touring with Fu Manchu. The three of us started jamming at the house. I had just got over a bad relationship and songs were pouring out of me. Frank Kozik heard about us jamming and called me up and said he wanted to put out whatever we come up with. Within two weeks we were already recording on an 8 track reel to reel. I took the recording to brother Shneebie to mix in LA. He said the music is great but the recording is shit. He asked to re-record it. I asked when? He said now. We re recorded right there on the spot and finished everything in 2 days. We decided on the name CHÉ and called the record Sounds of Liberation.

Brant Bjork


Artwork made by Maarten Donders

Releases September 15, 2023


The Knife
Pray For Rock
Sounds Of Liberation
Blue Demon
The Day The Pirate Retired

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