Transnational Speedway League (1993, East West)
Clutch (1995, East West)
The Elephant Riders (1998, Columbia)
Jam Room (1999, River Road Records)
Pure Rock Fury (2001, Atlantic)
Live at the Googolplex (2002, River Road Records)
Slow Hole to China: Rare and Unreleased (2003, River Road Records)
Blast Tyrant (2004, DRT)
Live in Flint, Michigan (2004, River Road Records)
Robot Hive/Exodus (2005, DRT)
Pitchfork & Lost Needles (2005, Megaforce)
From Beale Street to Oblivion (2007, DRT)
Heard It All Before: Live at the HiFi Bar (2007, New Found Frequency)
Full Fathom Five: Audio Field Recordings (2007–2008) (2008, Weathermaker)
Live at the Corner Hotel (2008, New Found Frequency)
Strange Cousins from the West (2009, Weathermaker)
Earth Rocker (2013, Weathermaker)
La Curandera (2015, Weathermaker)
Psychic Warfare (2015, Weathermaker)