Dali’s Llama ‘Dune Lung’ E​.​P. out now


‘Dune Lung’ is Dali’s Llama 15th release in 28 years.
Four new, very heavy songs of dirty desert rock from California.

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Dali’s Llama are:
Zach Huskey – guitars, vocals
Erica Huskey – bass
Joe Dillon – guitars, backing vocals
Craig Brown – drums

All songs written by Zach Huskey © 2018-2021 (BMI). All rights reserved.

Track 1 recorded by Brian “Puke” Parnell; Mixed by Mikael Jacobson
Tracks 2, 3, and 4 recorded at Bassline Studios
Track 2 and 4 recorded/mixed by Mikael Jacobson & Jake Sonderman
Track 3 recorded by Mikael Jacobson
Track 3 mixed by Mikael Jacobson & Jake Sonderman

Produced by Mikael Jacobson, Zach Huskey, and Jake Sonderman
Mastered at Bassline Studios by Mikael Jacobson
Artwork on cover by Justin Focco