Fever Dog – Alpha Waves (2021, Glory or Death Records)


These young Californians must have read the ‘70s rock songbook meticulously, and even if they borrowed a T. REX riff (‘Bruiser!’), and paid homage to Glam titans The Sweet (‘King of the Street’), they have a strong songwriting that make this ten tracks album stand on its own.

They aren’t copycats, but wise guys that learned from the greats to craft their own sound, ‘Freewheelin’’ incorporates a killer southern lead solo that reminds me of Doc Holliday or The Outlaws; ‘The Demon’ is a fast and furious guitar fest and ‘In My Hands’ is a power ballad with dynamics. Overall a killer album with some trippy jams (‘Alpha Waves’ and ‘Mystics of Zanadu’) where keyboards are used with intelligence. They cover Proto Hard Rock, Jazzy Prog, Classic Rock and of course Glam Rock with confidence. It’s not 1973, but it’s ‘Ballroom Blitz’ again. Well done lads.


Freewheelin’ 04:04
Solid Ground 03:44
Alpha Waves 07:50
Hold On You 03:36
Star Power 05:05
Bruiser! 03:54
The Demon 03:59
King of the Street 04:55
Mystics of Zanadu 07:10
In My Hands 06:44

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