No One Rides for Free (1994, Bong Load)
Daredevil (1995, Bong Load)
In Search Of… (1996, Mammoth)
The Action Is Go, (1997, Mammoth)
Return to Earth 91-93 (1998, Elastic Records)
Eatin’ Dust (1999, Man’s Ruin)
King of the Road (2000, Mammoth)
California Crossing (2001, Mammoth)
Go for It… Live! (2003, Steamhammer)
Start the Machine (2004, DRT Entertainment)
We Must Obey, (2007, Century Media/Liquor and Poker)
Signs of Infinite Power (2009, Century Media)
Gigantoid (2014, At The Dojo)
Clone Of The Universe (2018, At The Dojo)