Mondo Generator – Shooters Bible (2020, Heavy Psych Sounds)


This is a gem! A rare pearl found in the deep sea, a MONDO GENERATOR 2010 lost album !! The vocals are ripped as usual, some songs are screamed but yet others feature melodic lines. The album has a punk-stoner sound with a desert rock attitude. All the songs are written by Nick Oliveri “ Rex Everything”. The album features the cover of “Dog Food” by Iggy Pop with Dave Grohl on drums. Nick knows how to surprise us all the time! He picked this lost gem from his secret stash! The artwork is by Bangalore.

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Dead Silence 02:37
Invisible Like The Sky 03:20
Burn A Bridge 03:59
Won’t Let Go 03:51
Central Nervous System High (School) 02:53
This Isn’t Love 02:59
We Are Mondo Generator 03:07
Smashed Apart 03:46
Dog Food 01:53
Night Calls 00:59
Hang Me High 03:18
The Way I Let You Down 03:13
The Last Train 03:52