New MOJAVE LORDS album out now


Titled ‘Expensive Feelings’, it was crafted at Rancho de La Luna for a total of nine tracks recorded by different musicians including among others: Chris Goss, Gene Trautmann, Stella Mozgawa, Barrett Martin, Matthias Schneeberger and Christopher Thorn who are joining the core of the band, Bingo Richey and David Catching . The album is out now in digital format only from the newly formed Rancho de la Luna Records.

For info and lyrics download PDF below


Conceiver 04:01
Signature Moves 02:58
Everybody Saturday 04:24
Fourth of July 03:21
Expensive Feelings 03:36
Gravitron 04:45
Never Miss A Thing 03:42
Vindalu 03:28
Copy of Summer 05:08

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