Queens of the Stone Age – Over the Years and Thorugh the Woods (2005, Interscope)


Tracklist CD:

Go with the Flow 2:58
Regular John 5:24
Monsters in the Parasol 4:39
Tangled Up in Plaid 4:00
Little Sister 2:51
You Can’t Quit Me Baby 9:49
I Wanna Make It wit Chu 4:27
Leg of Lamb 3:34
I Think I Lost My Headache 5:24
Mexicola 5:09
Burn the Witch 3:12
Song for the Dead 7:47
No One Knows 7:47
Long Slow Goodbye 7:20

Tracklist DVD:

This Lullaby 2:40
Go with the Flow 3:12
Feel Good Hit of the Summer 3:41
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret 3:44
Regular John 5:30
Song for the Deaf 5:09
Avon 3:33
Little Sister 2:52
You Can’t Quit Me Baby 10:27
I Wanna Make it wit Chu 5:10
Monsters in the Parasol 3:16
The Fun Machine Took a Shit & Died 6:41
Mexicola 5:17
Burn the Witch 4:37
Covered in Punk’s Blood 1:57
I Think I Lost My Headache 5:07
Song for the Dead 8:16
I Never Came 5:54
No One Knows 8:09
Long Slow Goodbye 7:44


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