Sean Wheeler & The Badasonics ‘7


EP Extravaganza: Moment of Weakness by Sean Wheeler & The Badasonics
Prepare for a musical feast as the legendary “Desert Legend,” Sean Wheeler, collaborates with the phenomenal group, The Badasonics, to present their latest EP, Moment of Weakness.
Recorded and meticulously crafted at the renowned Badasonic Studio by the brilliant Nico Leonard, Moment of Weakness is a sonic masterpiece that intertwines the soulful resonance of Sean Wheeler’s voice with the impeccable instrumentation of The Badasonics. This EP is a testament to the seamless blend of influences, marrying soul, reggae, and rock’n’roll into an unforgettable musical experience.
Sean Wheeler & The Badasonics are not just delivering an EP; they’re crafting an immersive experience that transcends genres.

Out March 22, 2024

Sean Wheeler: Vocals
Jean Debry: Bass
Michael Bridoux: Guitars
Romain Trigaux: Lead Guitar on “Camden Girl”
Nico Leonard: Drums, Percussion, Organ & Piano

Recorded & Mixed by Nico Leonard at Badasonic Studios, Charleroi, Belgium
Mastered and Cut by Francois Terrazzoni at Studio Parelies, Paris, France