‘The Fred’ effects pedal by GranCasino Factory


“The Fred” (FREQUENCY REARRANGING EXPERIMENTATION DEVICE): A Psychedelic Tribute by David Catching, Crafted by Grancasino Factory (Italy).

In the vibrant heart of Joshua Tree, amidst the desert expanses and the psychedelic hues of the sunset, emerges “The Fred.”
This extraordinary effects pedal is a journey through time and space, a psychedelic tribute by David Catching, the legendary musician and producer, to Fred Drake, the co-founder of Rancho de la Luna studio and his dear friend.
David chose to dedicate “The Fred” to Fred Drake to honor his musical legacy and creative vision.

FUZZ: The pulsating core of “The Fred” is its powerful fuzz circuit. With a wide range of tones, it allows you to create a distorted and overwhelming sound.

PHASE SHIFTER: A mirage in the desert, a kaleidoscopic musical adventure. Activating it transforms your sound into a psychedelic journey through uncharted sonic dimensions.

REVERB: “The Fred’s” reverb is an immersion into a psychedelic dream—a challenge to perception. With every note, we draw closer to the heart of Fred Drake’s inspiration and David Catching’s creative energy.

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