Yawning Man ‘Pot Head’ repress


Originally released in 2005 by Alone Records, ‘Pot Head’ is a Yawning Man studio EP recorded by Gary Arce (Guitar), Billy Cordell (Bass) and Alfredo Hernandez (Drums), that was pressed on 10′ inch vinyl and on CD with a different cover design.
A 300 pieces hand numbered repress with handmade linoleum cut cover design made by Leah Hailey Polk, sold in summer 2016 at the merch table.

This new Ripple Music repress with a new redesigned artwork will be available in these formats:

Head Full of Pot Limited Beer/Galaxy Vinyl
Desert Sky Limited Edition Beer Colored Vinyl
Midnight Black Vinyl

Digital Smoke Signal
Encounters With An Angry God
Samba de Primavera

Releases September 22, 2023

Preorder HERE