Gary Arce Discography

Main Bands

Rock Formations (2005, Alone Records)
Pothead (2005, Alone Records)
Vista Point Anthology (2007, Lexicon Devil)
Nomadic Pursuits (2010, Cobraside)
Yawning Man / Fatso Jetson Split EP (2013, Self Released)
Live at Maximum Festival (2016, Go Down Records)
Historical Graffiti (2016, Lay Bare Recordings)
The Revolt Against Tired Noises (2018, Heavy Psych Sounds Records)
The Birth of Sol – The Demo Tapes  (2018, Ruined Vibes/Cobraside)

Planet Mamon (1995, SST Records)
Kiss Me Twice I’m Schitzo (1996, SST Records)
Bombas De Amor (1996, SST Records)
Victim A La Mode (1999, Crippled Dick Hot Wax)

Extraterrestial Highway (2006, Alone Records)
The Robot’s Guide To Freedom (2008, Lexicon Devil)
Skyline Pressure (2016, Small Stone)

Appears on

Brant Bjork
Jalamanta (1999, Man’s Ruin Records)

Fatso Jetson
Flames For All (1998, Man’s Ruin Records)
Fatso Jetson / Fireball Ministry ‎– King Faduke / Vim SPLIT 7 (1999, Cattleprod Recordings)

The Perfect Rat
Endangered Languages (2007, Alone Records)

Dark Tooth Encounter
Soft Monsters (2008, Lexicon Devil)

Yawning Sons
Ceremony To The Sunset (2009, Lexicon Devil)
Yawning Sons / Waterways SPLIT 7 (2010, Space Age & Cheesecake)

Waxy OR Without Any eXplanation whY (2011, Bowlleg Records)

Hotel Wrecking City Traders & Gary Arce
Hotel Wrecking City Traders & Gary Arce (2011, Bro Fidelity)

WaterWays, Sons of Alpha Centauri, Hotel Wrecking City Traders
Split 12 (2012, Bro Fidelity)

Slab City (2014, Napalm Records)

Burial Sunrise (2016, Small Stone)

Hifiklub vs. Fatso Jetson & Gary Arce
Double Quartet Serie Vol. 1 (2016, Subsound Records)

Toby Wrecker
Into Liquid Mountains – Part I (2017, Self Released)
Into Liquid Mountains – Part II (2017, Self Released)